What do we do?

Enabling , Empowering and Enhancing Quality Education for all through our unique projects , product excellence and innovative solutions.

Over 5000 students have been educated through our educational solutions and services.  We deliver excellence by maintaining high standards of service. We support many schools and NGOS. Our products are unique , sustainable and scalable to implement across institutions.


One teacher can create a change! Yes! Our mission is to develop a community of quality teachers, educators and educational leaders.  Over 800 educators and 300 fresh graduates have been trained and upskilled through our training and skill development programs.


Over 10 schools , 1600 parents have believed in our strategical approach to enable their educational environment . Our solutions enable educational institutions and teachers to raise their standards  in knowledge , resource , career  and technology.

Get Involved for the Impact
  • Volunteer for any of these projects
  • Nominate a student, teacher, school or a community
  • Sponsor a student , teacher or a village
For your good deeds, there is always a reward

Avail TAX benefits  under Section 80G

Our trust is Registered with Government of India

Our Five Pillars and Projects

Our high impact projects to Create New India

> Project ShaktiYug : Creating more teachers through teachers training aligned with New Education Policy.

> Help Me Study : Rebuilding lives  and creating the essential asset through education and sponsorship for drop out and deserving children.

> Light Up My Life :  Enabling visually challenged and underprivileged schools and children to get better education through modern technologies, products and tools.

> Safety 360 : A structured approach to create awareness on all necessary Safety protocols that children and the community must know such as stranger safety,  cyber safety, dos and dont’s in the internet world

> 3H for Her : Let’s take a step forward and create awareness about Menstrual health and hygiene for women, preparing young teens and adolescents to maintain their health and ecological balance with natural products

Read more  on the projects here : Divyam Social Projects

divyamfoundation at gmail.com

Your  Support will help us

  • Create transformational educational experience to all
  • Empower women as teachers and upskill teachers for independent career
  • Create a deserving future for the children through education
  • Reinforce modern tools and technologies in schools
  • Address the most crucial change and awareness to prevent and protect our children , girls , community , nature and environment

Together let us make the Change Possible…

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Awards & Associations

Member of AECED , Winner of several Education Excellence Awards including Lions club , #changemakers of India