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Divyam International Preschool and Kindergarten

From 2012 , started as Divyam Kids preschool, now, upgraded to preschool and Kindergarten. Our aim is to provide outstanding educational experience with unique concepts and creativity for children. We aim to give strong foundation and intellectual ability for children during their Early years. We are working on spreading this quality education all over India as Divyam Early Years.

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Divyam Teachers Training Academy (DTTA)

DTTA was launched in 2017 is successfully growing with its intensive workshops and training program. Here, aspirant teachers are groomed for practical career with right attitude and passion for teaching with our certificate courses. We also provide training for working teachers to upgrade their skills, school leaders for directing their goals to success and induction for new teachers.


Divyam World School (K- 12 Under planning)

From preschool to grade 12 , an International educational experience at affordable cost for the right talent is the objective of the school. We are planning to bring the world class curriculum and exposure in various fields like sports, arts, culture to the right talent at very affordable cost.  The school will help students to achieve holistic development according to their age, help them identify their interest, enable them to choose the right courses and career, overall bring a unique personality out of them.

We are inviting

-> donations for building one such school

-> partnership to operate a school

-> Remodelling of an existing school

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Mr Sundar, Mr Prasanna Subramanium, Family of Master Sai Ansh, Mr S. Ranganathan and Family