Divyam Skill Development CSR Projects

Skill Development Project for Teachers 1:

Project ShaktiYug  : Empowering Women,  Enabling Students

Project ShaktiYug is a social cause project that

  • empowers women through free teachers training . This teacher training program will focus on the concept of  Montessori and Early childhood Education for underprivileged women and existing teachers in rural and urban areas.
  • enables right foundation for children in nursery and kindergarten through easy and new methodologies of learning , by using new aids and by promoting Montessori

Who are the beneficiaries?

  • Entire Women Workforce: Existing teachers , Poor educated women , Family of Women,
  • Entire Young Children of age 3 to 6 years

What are the benefits or outcomes of the project?

  • Existing teachers will be up-skilled,
  • Poor women with passion for teaching will be  educated and empowered
  • Entire Women force: confidence and skills of women sector is raised , teachers will be financially uplifted or made independent through the certification
  • Family and Young Generations: by empowering a teacher , the family of teachers , generations of students are empowered
  • Children : foundation of children in early years is strengthened , children will learn and grasp concepts easily through this effective training.

What are the Key Takeaways?

Our training will motivate them to be a better teacher and boost their confidence to be an effective teacher.  We will be training women on conceptual aspects of Montessori and practical ways to use the practical teaching aids in the classroom.

We will provide a classroom orientation and training for children along with a Edukit of learning resources. In this training, children will learn to use the resources and materials . Teachers will know how to guide the children practically.

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Skill Development Project  for Teachers 2 :

Technology in Education (Digital Teaching and Learning)

In this world of technology, teachers must be educated and enabled with the right digital skills to deliver effective learning. This project focuses on training teachers about important technology and effective online teaching methodology. This training will increase the ease of teaching and learning process digitally. This training will help both students and teachers to upgrade themselves in using technology for various purposes in Education.

The training includes the use of video conferencing tools, MS office, video etiquette, online classrooms , presentation techniques  and more. Training will be provided for both students and teachers to prepare them for the future of technology.


  • New and Existing Teachers of all grades, subjects in schools and colleges 
  • New and Existing Teachers from rural schools, colleges and underprivileged background
  • Students from grade 1 to 12 in rural areas and underprivileged background
  • Students in all colleges in rural areas and underprivileged background

Early Education for Rural and Underprivileged Children:

We provide Edu Kit for Students in Early years between 3 to 6 years  which contains books , digital apps, teaching guide and resources for teachers, training for teachers to use this kit.

Special Awareness and Education Workshops For Students

Safety Awareness Workshops :

Our Safety workshops focus on students across schools and colleges on Cyber Safety Awareness , Stranger Safety , Road Safety , Good touch , bad touch, Overcome fear and talk, behavioral management, crisis management  and protection methods. We also teach self defense techniques to protect oneself in crisis.

Menstrual and Good hygiene Awareness for Adolescent and Teen Girl Children:

Girl Children across schools and panchayats will be educated on menstrual hygiene, what they should be aware of , how to balance the mind and have more positivity,  how can they make these days environment friendly by using environment friendly products, how should they stay hygienic and more


Our goal, through these projects, is to reach a minimum of one lakh students and a thousand teachers / women specifically focusing on rural areas and underprivileged background. We are open to partner with like-minded entities that bring in complementary capabilities to deliver these outcomes and create an impact. 

We seek CSR corporates, NGOs , Organization, Individual Philanthropists to support of Social Cause projects.


Contact us: Mrs Archana Ranganathan, Managing Trustee  Ph: 9840253898

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Awards & Associations

Member of AECED , Winner of Education Excellence Award – 2016 & 17, Winner of Lions Club Teachers Award, Winner of neighborhood Achievers Award , Winner of GTF Women’s Excellence Award