Divyam Teachers Training Academy ( DTTA)

Welcome to the  Divyam Teachers Training Academy (DTTA), the training division of  Divyam Foundation Educational Trust. We follow rigorous and disciplined course to enhance knowledge and efficiency of teachers and aspirants.

Certificate Courses : Regular / Distance + Online

-> Montessori and Early Childhood Education –  Our courses are designed in international standards where teachers can understand and positively impact children age 2 to 6 years. The course will give you hands experience , practical training of early childhood education and overview of primary education

-> Advanced Phonics and Reading Program-  In this course, you will learn the sounds, trick of reading, enhance pronunciation , improve spelling and speed writing

Online Teacher’s Training Registration for Advanced Phonics and Reading Program.

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-> Power Phonics – A Certified Workshop on Phonics workshop : 3 Days , conducted for individuals and teachers of various institutions

–> English Command : This is a strategic and customised program for teachers of various schools , colleges and institutions to improve their command in English and in process develop better English for students . This involves spoken, written, pronunciation, grammar part and teaching techniques. This improves their personality too.

Minimum Qualification : Pass Grade or Pursuing Any U.G . Certificate will be issued along with Grade Sheets. Practical Training, In classroom sessions, Teaching Sessions and Recommendations for Job will be provided.

Corporate and Institutional Training

-> Lead – A Certified Workshop for School Leaders. Leadership, Strategy, Change Management , Design Thinking and more for leaders to niche the Success Mantra,

-> Empower– A Certified Workshop for teachers to understand the broader aspects of being a teacher, student psychology , counselling and parent relationship. With this workshop, a school will empower their teachers for success.

Aspiring teachers and institutions , Register immediately.

To know more: Ct: +91 98402 53898

Project ShaktiYug  

Empowering Women,  Enabling Students

Project ShaktiYug is a social cause project that

  • empowers women through free teachers training . This teacher training program will focus on the concept of  Montessori and Early childhood Education for underprivileged women and existing teachers in rural and urban areas.
  • enables right foundation for children of 3 to 6 years through easy and new methodologies of learning , by using new aids and by promoting Montessori

Who are the beneficiaries?

  • Entire Women Workforce: Existing teachers , Poor women , Family of Women,
  • Entire Young Children of age 3 to 6 years

What are the benefits or outcomes of the project?

  • Existing teachers will be up-skilled,
  • Poor women with passion for teaching will be  educated and empowered
  • Entire Women force: confidence and skills of women sector is raised , teachers will be financially uplifted or made independent through the certification
  • Family and Young Generations: by empowering a teacher , the family of teachers , generations of students are empowered
  • Children : foundation of children between 3 to 6 years is strengthened , children will learn and grasp concepts easily through this effective training.

What are the Key Takeaways?

Our training will motivate them to be a better teacher and boost their confidence to be an effective teacher.  We will be training women on conceptual aspects of Montessori and practical ways to use the teaching aids in the classroom. We will also be providing free teaching aids / Montessori tool box that are important in  early education classroom.

We will provide a classroom orientation and training for children along with a Edu box of learning materials. In this session, children will learn to use the materials and also teachers will know how to guide the children practically.

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