Super Parents is a guidance platform for parents to raise millennial kids through parent education , counselling, events, workshops and forums.

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Our team of experts and professionals are present all over India to provide quality service. We provide online , telephonic, direct expert support , counselling and guidance on

  • Parenting
  • Mom and Baby Workshops
  • New Born Parenting  (Health, Care , Nutrition and Specialities)
  • Child Development & Counselling as Age Appropriate ( Health, Hobbies, Fitness & Nutrition)
  • Education Management , IQ and Learning such as coping up with studies and interests
  • Behavioural Management and Dealing with Child Psychology
  • Addressing Special Needs (like ADHD, Slow Learners , Dyslexia & more..)
  • Dealing with exams and stress in children & more
  • Parent Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Children Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Education Guidance, Right schools to courses from Preschool to Higher Education
  • Alternative and Online Education
  • Excelling in Extra Curricular Activities
  • Vision, hearing and motor skills development
  • Career Counselling

For partnership, collaboration, workshops and services for your organization: Write to us divyamfoundation at gmail dot com , Call us: 9840253898 or Connect in Facebook: Superparentsglobal  You can book your counselling sessions, workshops now!

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