Welcome to DTTA (Divyam Teachers Training Academy),  the Learning , Development and Training division of  Divyam Foundation Educational Trust. Our courses are tailored for the success of every educator and leaders of schools and colleges.

Certificate / Diploma Programs for Teachers and Aspirants

  •  Montessori and Early Childhood Education –  Our courses are designed with great standards where teachers can understand and positively impact children age 2 to 6 years. The course will give you hands experience , practical training of early childhood education and overview of primary education.


  • Advanced Phonics and Reading Program-  In this course, you will learn the sounds, trick of reading, enhance pronunciation , improve spelling and speed writing.


  •  Technology in Education : This course helps you to understand the technology in education and implement in teaching. You will also learn lot about edtech sectors and enable edtech in education.


  •  Preschool Leadership : Are you planning to start a preschool and kindergarten / want to become a principal or head in Early Childhood Education?  Join this course to get complete knowledge and get certified to be preschool leader.  Who can join? This course is for aspiring Individuals to be a leader in Preschool and Kindergarten sector.


  •  Child Psychology : Learn about Child Psychology and master the art of bringing the best from the children.


  •  English Teaching : Learn all aspects of English and be qualified to be an English teacher.

You can bundle courses and avail a value pack program.

Workshops and Training Programs for Organizations , Institutions and Corporates

We offer exclusive workshops for educators , ed tech team and leaders in different verticals as per the requirement of the organization.  All our courses can be customized as workshops.

 Institutional Program for School Management and Leaders in Education

-> THE LEAP – A power packed leadership and management workshop for school leaders focussing on education strategy , innovation and current trends in education and Edtech . This program empowers the power of you as a leader enabling right strategies, Design Thinking , Kaizen -the change that is needed and more for leaders to niche the Success Mantra.

Online and Offline programs are conducted.

Aspiring teachers and organisations, Contact us to register at +919840253898 .  Job guidance and Placement guidance provided.

Registration Link: Kindly register here to join our courses



We are members of AECED , Mumbai

Member of AECED

Member of AECED

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Awards & Associations

Member of AECED , Winner of several Education Excellence Awards including Lions club , #changemakers of India