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The Five Pillars – Associate with us to strengthen these areas of development  across India

Five Pillar Project

1. Project ShaktiYug  : Empowering Women as Teachers

Mission: Create more qualified and skilled teachers for better society . Across India.


Project ShaktiYug is a social cause project that

  • empowers women through free teachers training . This teacher training program will focus on the concept of  Montessori and Early childhood Education for underprivileged women and existing teachers in rural and urban areas.

Who are the beneficiaries?

  • Entire Women Workforce: Existing teachers , Poor educated women , Family of Women

What are the benefits or outcomes of the project?

  • Existing teachers will be up-skilled,
  • Poor women with passion for teaching will be  educated and empowered
  • Entire Women force: confidence and skills of women sector is raised , teachers will be financially uplifted or made independent through the certification
  • Family and Young Generations: by empowering a teacher , the family of teachers , generations of students are empowered

What are the Key Takeaways?

  • Effective and focussed training
  • Certification for Employment
  • Digital Resources ( in English and Vernacular Languages)
  • Training Manual ( in English and vernacular Languages)

Our training is certified and will motivate them to be a better teacher and boost their confidence to be an effective teacher.  We will be training women on conceptual aspects of Montessori and practical ways to use the practical teaching aids in the classroom. The certification will help them to get qualified.

2.  Help Me Study:  Enabling free Education for Children

Mission : Making quality Education possible to all students

Research says 90% of children who drop out from schools will never return without support.

Lets support our young generations to get back to school and study for their future. Let this pandemic not stop their knowledge. Education is the biggest asset for everyone. Lets share our contribution and support to help them study.

Who are the beneficiaries?

  • Children and students across classes from kindergarten to class XII across India.

         What are the benefits or outcomes of the project?

  • Children will get their schooling rightfully
  • Children will get basic education that will help them and their family foster
  • Foundation of children in early years will be strengthened
  • Learning gap will be addressed

What are the Key Takeaways?

Students will be sponsored with whole year of education that includes school fee, tuition fee, books, slates,  uniform sets and note books.


3. Light up my life : Enabling visually challenged children , special schools , underprivileged schools for better education

Mission : Helping children with visual impairment and challenges in their education, Ensuring they get educated through right resources. Helping underprivileged to schools adopt modern technologies and tools in education

Who are the beneficiaries?

  • Visually Challenged children across kindergarten to class XII, across India.
  • Unprivileged schools across India

         What are the benefits or outcomes of the project?

  • Visually impaired and challenged children will be supported to get better education.
  • They will be motivated and provided with resources to enable the education.
  • Children from underprivileged schools will get access to modern technologies for better quality of education.

What are the Key Takeaways?

  • They will be sponsored with Edukit and audio based lessons to enable better education
  • They will be counselled and trained for taking the education and use the edu kit.
  • The schools and teachers will be trained on the Edu kit.
4. Safety 360 : Educate children on most needed safety

Mission : Create Awareness and Educate children on important of stranger safety, cyber safety, dos and dont’s , dangers unseen and protocols to prevent and seek help.


This Safety workshops focus on children across communities, villages, schools and colleges on Cyber Safety Awareness , Stranger Safety , Road Safety , Good touch , bad touch, Overcome fear and talk, behavioral management, crisis management  and protection methods. We also teach self defense techniques to protect oneself in crisis and provide counselling post workshops. They will be educated on what is cyber bullying and dangers involved, what to do , what not to do and how to approach.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Children , parents , teachers of all ages

What are the Key Takeaways?

  • Understand the dangers , Dos and Dont’s
  • Safety Protocols and techniques
  • Understand the Dos and Dont’s
  • Counselling and Tips
5.  3H for Girls :  Awareness and Education in Health , Hygiene for Her

Mission :  Provide menstrual awareness on health and  hygiene for adolescents, young teens,  teen girls, women, teachers and community with alternative products that prevents damage of environment and health


Girl Children across schools , communities and panchayats will be educated on menstrual hygiene, what they should be aware of , how to balance the mind and have more positivity,  how can they make these days environment friendly by using environment friendly products, how should they stay hygienic and more. They will be provided with an Health kit that has necessary hygiene resources that an be used to main during cycles.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Girl Children , Teens , Adolescent girls and Young Women. Teachers and parents are also educated for holistic communal development.

What are the Key Takeaways?

  • Awareness and Education on menstrual cycles, do’s and dont’s during these days.
  • Preparation for the menstrual cycles and exercises for healthy body and mind.
  • Counselling  on maintaining health, hygiene and balancing body and mind.
  • Health kit and Training on using the health kit.
  • A booklet on menstrual hygiene and exercises that will benefit them.

Our goal, through these projects, is to reach a minimum of one lakh Children and a thousand teachers / women specifically focusing on rural areas and underprivileged background. We are open to partner with like-minded entities that bring in complementary capabilities to deliver these outcomes and create an impact. 

We seek CSR corporates, NGOs , Organization, Individual Philanthropists to support of Social Cause projects.

Contact us: Mrs Archana Ranganathan, Managing Trustee  Ph: 9840253898

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